Premium Prop Rental

You can rent any of our Premium props here for in or out-of-studio use.

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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye WideBody

Rent one of the sexiest most desired muscle cars in the world to take photos in. This 797 HP beast is available for hourly non-driving rental. Perfect for music videos. We also a have daily drivable rental Option, subject to terms of use.


Parked and cant be driven

In-studio Hourly $100

Out of Studio Hourly $100 (Minimum 2 hrs)

Full-Day rental insured and drivable (terms apply)

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Angel Wings (White)

These elegant prograde Victoria's Secret wings are perfect for your next boudoir or swimwear shoot. Featuring hypo allergenic materials that are safe for the skin. 


In Studio $15 per hour

Out of studio 50$ an hour or 75$ daily

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